5 Industries That Are Adapting Their Marketing to Help Customers During the Crisis

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May 25, 2020 at 8:55 AM


Many industries are directly tailoring their messaging to provide support to their customers, throughout COVID-19 related closures and as they begin to reopen. Your customers are a vital part of your business, and it’s important to adapt your marketing to be helpful for them. Here are six industries that have adapted their marketing messaging to be helpful during this time. 

Home Services

Businesses in the home services industry are recognizing the change in consumer needs arising from these difficult times, and they're shifting their messaging to address them. Here are two examples of how the home services industry is changing their messaging:

Precautions the business is taking right now. When they enter your home, most home service technicians are now taking specific precautions designed to keep everyone as safe as possible. This includes wearing face masks, washing hands more often, wiping down and sanitizing trucks after each appointment and avoiding direct contact with homeowners whenever possible. Companies in this industry have incorporated many of these measures into their messaging so customers will feel safe scheduling services.

Changing their products or shifting their services to reflect the times. Due to epidemic and shelter in place orders, many companies in this category have recognized the need for a change in their services and products that they provide. Zerorez, for example, is now offering specific disinfecting services in addition to its usual carpet cleaning offerings. 

Home Improvement

Home improvement businesses have shifted many of their traditionally physical operations to digital activations, and are conveying that information with their television ads, on their websites, and through all of their other marketing touchpoints. Stores like Home Depot are promoting social distancing, including asking customers to remain at least six feet apart and closing the stores early to give employees adequate time to restock and sanitize. 

In lieu of in-home visits, some home improvement companies are offering their customers the option to have virtual consultations.  By leveraging video conferencing technologies, these businesses are still able to provide high quality personal sessions while keeping both their employees and customers safe. 


Many insurance companies are adapting their messaging to be more forgiving and understanding during a time that is clearly difficult for many of their customers. They're adjusting their communications and making sure that their clients stay informed about the latest measures being taken. Some insurance agencies are offering automatic discounts for existing customers and communicating those savings via email marketing. 

For example, State Farm is offering refunds to many of its auto insurance customers since fewer cars on the road have led to a decline in accidents over the past couple of months. These communications go out via email and are displayed on insurance company websites. 

Financial Services

Financial service providers are stepping up and offering more advice to help their customers feel more financially confident in the midst of the current pandemic. For example, Scarlet Oak Financial Services has a blog that is filled with information designed to help customers weather this crisis. Most financial service providers are offering tips geared toward helping their clients adjust their finances, including insight on available small business loans and grants designed to make it easier for small business owners to meet payroll right now. 

Auto Dealerships

Car dealerships are also changing their business operations and messaging to help the employees and their customers adhere to social distancing mandates. In many cases, small steps can make a big difference in ensuring customer confidence and decreasing the risk of disease transmission. Troncalli’s Subaru of Kennesaw, for example, has changed their messaging and altered the way they interact with customers at the dealership. They:

  • Deliver cars when needed
  • Offer shop at-home options
  • Provide lower interest rates

Ed Voyles Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram has also shifted its operations. At this dealership, they are offering both Buy and Service at Home programs that make it possible for customers to get their vehicles serviced without leaving the house. Customers can make their requests directly from the website, and the dealership will handle the rest.

Many industries are adapting their messaging during this time and are seeing success as a result. Thanks to shifted business models and coinciding altered messaging, many businesses are able to continue offering high-quality service to their clients. Atlanta is in this together,and by taking a look at how other companies are adjusting their  messaging and processes to fit the times, you can uncover some marketing best practices to help grow your business, and improve your success.