Blitz Blog: The Benefit of Multi-Platform Marketing

Michael Odiorne

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March 28, 2022 at 1:42 PM

Blitz Blog The Benefit of Multi-Platform Marketing

Nowadays, the average consumer uses multiple tools to engage with media: traditional TV, smartphones, tablets, OTT streaming services, social media, and so forth. With so many communication channels available, it only makes sense that the more platforms your brand is active on, the greater your audience reach will be. This fact, by itself, makes multi-platform marketing a powerful strategy for business growth. 

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What is Multi-Platform Marketing? 

Multi-platform marketing (also known as "cross-platform marketing") is a strategy in which companies allocate their marketing resources across several communication mediums. For example, a typical multi-platform marketing campaign would involve the placement of ads on both mobile and broadcast channels. In this way, advertisers can reach consumers in various ways, at various levels of focus and attention. 

What's an Example of Multi-Platform Marketing? 

Let's discuss a common scenario in which multi-platform marketing can generate a significant impact on its target audience. 

Nowadays, people commonly interact with two or more screens simultaneously. For instance, 45% of consumers engage with a mobile device while watching television. With that in mind, imagine the impact a TV commercial from your brand could have on a viewer. If the ad spot catches their interest, they could quickly navigate to your company's website to learn more. Alternatively, they may encounter your commercial after seeing your digital ads while browsing, in which case your TV commercial adds credibility to your brand. 

In either case, your marketing efforts on one channel bolster the performance of the other. This cumulative effect can result in an exceptionally high ROI from your marketing campaign. 

In summary, multi-platform or cross-platform marketing is a powerful way to optimize your brand's presence and expand your reach. If you'd like to learn more about developing and executing a winning multi-platform campaign, reach out to our team of experts at Gray Atlanta today. 

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