How to Advertise The Precautions Your Business is Taking During The Pandemic

Gray Atlanta About The Author

May 13, 2020 at 8:00 AM


Right now your customers need to know what steps you're taking to keep them and your employees safe. A local Georgia barbershop, for example, is choosing to keep its doors closed in spite of the opening plans across the state. Also, both Home Depot and Coca-Cola plan to keep their corporate employees home longer to help flatten the curve. 

As businesses across Georgia start to reopen, it’s important to inform your customers of what precautions you are taking to keep them and your employees safe. Many local Georgians are thinking about whether or not visiting their favorite businesses that have recently reopened is the right decision for them. By showing your customers what measures you're taking to keep them safe, you can increase customer confidence while allowing them to make an informed choice about when they feel safe visiting your business again. 

Create an Informative TV Commercial

Whether you repurpose past marketing creative or choose to film a new TV commercial from a socially responsible distance, the impact can be substantial. Provide your audience with information on the safety precautions your business is taking right now as you prepare to reopen your doors. 

For example, Papa John's latest commercials showcase how they are ensuring safe, contactless delivery. Also, State Farm continues to use cell phone videos as part of its commercials, which embrace a sense of family and acknowledge the difficulties faced by many of its customers throughout this time. 

Like these companies, your TV commercials should showcase the changes your business is taking to keep everyone safe. Right now, members of the community want to know how the local businesses that are opening are planning to do business in light of the pandemic.  

Update Your Website

Many of your customers will turn to your website for information and updates about your business and how you're currently operating. Keep a place on your website dedicated to COVID-19 safety updates. Make it easily accessible and visible from the homepage so your audience can quickly access the information. Update this page any time something changes: the date you plan to reopen for business, the safety precautions you're taking, the hours you're open, and more. You can:

Have a designated tab on your website. Users can navigate to the landing page through this tab just like they would navigate to other areas of your website. Make sure that tab is attention-grabbing and stands out among your other navigation options. 

Put up a banner across your website. The banner is a highly visual tool that can easily grad the visitor’s attention and direct them to more information. As your business makes changes, you can continue to update the banner and landing page with the latest updates. 

As customers and potential customers will be visiting your website, consider including a pop-up subscription form so that consumers have an option to receive the latest updates without having to go seeking it themselves.  

Send an Email to Your Customers

Your customers may already be subscribed to your email list. Reach out to them directly to let them know what you're doing to operate a safe and sanitary business as businesses begin to open across Georgia. Consider:

Sending out a dedicated email. When you have more information about when your business will be reopening, consider sending a direct-to-consumer email with everything they need to know. This will inform your customers and help them feel more comfortable as they prepare to begin visiting businesses again. Make sure you include a subject line that lets them know the email contains important updates. 

Include information in regular newsletters. While dedicated updates may need their own emails, minor changes or reminders about changing policies can be included in your regular newsletters. Dedicate a section of your newsletter to updates on how COVID-19 is affecting your business. Make sure that it stands out and catches the reader’s attention when reading through your newsletter.

When sending out newsletters to your customers, encourage them to follow your business on your social media accounts so that they are able to stay up to date with you at all times. 

Provide Updates on Social Media

As you continue to make changes or there are updates with your business, let your followers know. Consider the following:

Provide updates in real-time. Post on your social media platforms as you get new information that affects your business or you make changes that affect your customers. This is a great way to get information to them instantaneously in a space that they are most likely already engaging in throughout the day. Utilize your paid social posts, stories, live videos, and dedicated posts to keep your customers up to date.

Repost your commercial. Your customers might not have seen your commercial on television, so posting it to your social media platforms is a great way to expand your reach. Even if they have seen your commercial, this can serve as another touchpoint with the consumer and it gives them a chance to engage back with your brand. 

It's more important than ever to be transparent with your customers as you begin to plan for reopening. Your updates on the precautions that your business is taking can provide a sense of security. As Georgia businesses begin to reopen, consumers are wanting to keep up with their favorite businesses more than ever so they know what to expect when they return.