How to Incorporate Lifestyle Marketing into Your Marketing Strategy

Beth Walsh

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June 16, 2021 at 10:30 AM

How to Incorporate Lifestyle Marketing into Your Marketing Strategy

Lifestyle marketing isn’t limited solely to lifestyle brands. It’s an effective tool to boost a non-lifestyle brand, and you can still benefit from these strategies without establishing your brand as a lifestyle brand. It can be an invaluable asset in a multi-platform marketing strategy that uses many other tools to your advantage. You can accomplish this by framing your company or products as a representative of your customers and emphasizing their usefulness through that lens. There are several ways to integrate a lifestyle marketing strategy into your campaigns. With the right strategy, you can significantly grow your brand and more effectively connect with target audiences. 

The following are some lifestyle marketing tips to give you some ideas for getting the most from these strategies.  

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Get Deeper Insight Into Your Target Audience 

It’s crucial to understand your customers to position your products and services within their lifestyles. You can learn more about the type of lifestyle to target by either re-evaluating or expanding your target persona research. Specifically, you can conduct this research by adding more lifestyle details to your buyer persona. You also have the option of conducting surveys of existing customers to gain more insight into their daily lives, which could help you discover pain points that your offerings can resolve.  

Customer-facing businesses can even ask store employees for insight into customers, seeing as they interact with each other regularly. Employees might discuss complaints customers had or other questions that you can answer through your marketing. That will give you an advantage over corporate entities, since they put so much effort into getting to know their customers. Seeing and speaking with who buys your products on a regular basis will tell you a lot about who your target customer is. 

Connect With Your Audience On Social Media 

Another way to engage in lifestyle marketing is to interact with customers on social media platforms. Posting regularly and replying to your audience’s comments can help you build more trust with customers as you directly address issues and concerns. At the same time, you can subtly promote your brand along with a specific product or service offering. More so, this provides further insight into their needs and helps you understand how to market your products to get ahead of questions they’ll ask. 

Depending on your audience’s specific platform, you can organize events or engage with customers through hashtags that are relevant to your industry and products. Doing so can effectively show that your business is a part of your audience’s broader community. Regular interaction with your customers can also help develop your brand through audience engagement. The more engagement you attract, the more you can measure your branding efforts

Post Product Demonstrations Online 

Video demonstrations can easily be transformed into lifestyle marketing elements, especially if you go further than simply showing how your products work by providing insight into what they can be used for and who will benefit from using them. They allow you to share how your products can improve customers’ lives creatively. In the process, you can inform audiences about your company and the culture behind it. People love to see visual examples of products and services in use, especially as they relate to their lifestyle. Otherwise, some audiences may wonder precisely how your offerings could help them. 

When producing demonstration videos, it’s essential to carefully choose the person who will represent your brand, since this person ultimately becomes a face for your brand and reflects your audience. If you can produce helpful demonstrations that feature an instantly likable and relatable persona, you’ll be able to establish an even stronger connection with audiences, since they’ll likely be able to see themselves and empathize with that figure.   

After putting your videos together, you can also share them on social media or through email marketing campaigns. That ties them to the rest of your marketing strategies to further build upon those strategies, as well. You want people to see your videos and your other marketing channels are a key way to distribute them. 

Sponsor Segments On Lifestyle TV Stations 

TV is equally important to use alongside digital marketing channels. To successfully implement TV in a lifestyle marketing campaign, you can work with a media partner to sponsor segments on lifestyle TV stations. On these segments, you can show off your brand to local audiences in a particular community. Meanwhile, you’ll also be able to use the station’s social media or other sponsorship tools to continue advertising your brand. 

The length of these sponsored segments can vary greatly, giving you plenty of opportunities to determine which is right for you. You can include demonstrations of your offerings during these segments, with hosts acting as audience surrogates and likely asking specific questions they may have. In turn, you can answer these questions while presenting your information in a friendly and inviting manner.   

Create Company Culture Videos 

In addition to demonstration videos, you can create company culture videos or employee appreciation videos. These videos can provide customers with deeper insight into who you are as a company, ultimately making you more relatable to your target audience. You can use culture videos to show how your internal team consists of people who are part of your target audience.   

Consider producing a video highlighting a particular employee who loves their job or give a general behind-the-scenes look into your business and how you make your products. Regardless of your specific approach, culture videos can make your business appear more human. People will more likely purchase from an organization they feel represents them, and that’s what these videos seek to accomplish. 

Use Lifestyle Marketing to Effectively Relate to Audiences  

Lifestyle marketing can be the key to building a stronger relationship with audiences. You don’t need to be a lifestyle brand to use this powerful tool, either. Using a comprehensive strategy centered around your audience can develop your brand and establish it as a relatable entity for your audience. As a result, you’ll build more trust and convert more prospects into loyal customers. 

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