How to Make Digital Marketing and Broadcast Work Together

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September 10, 2021 at 10:15 AM

How to Make Digital Marketing and Broadcast Work Together

Both digital marketing and broadcast have unique strengths that make them powerful tools on their own. Combining them can strengthen your marketing message, enabling your campaigns to reach people they normally wouldn't. However, the key to successfully incorporating these strategies is to know how they work together. Here is a guide on how to use digital and TV solutions and the steps you can take to combine them. 

Learn How To Spend Your Digital Dollars Wisely

Digital Marketing vs. Broadcast 

Before you can use these assets, it's important to understand the differences between them and the value they bring. Digital marketing consists of purely digital advertising and content, including ads, webpages, videos, and more on websites, social media platforms, and streaming channels. Digital specializes in targeting specific audiences at low costs and drives action by encouraging people to sign up to email lists or make online purchases. Meanwhile, broadcast or traditional TV advertising is best used to educate audiences and build brand awareness. 

With over 120.6 million households that actively watch TV, it stands to reason that it is one of advertisers’ go-to marketing platforms. If your TV advertising campaigns are engaging, they can also lead to significant ROI when used in conjunction with digital marketing efforts. 

How to Use Digital Marketing and Broadcast Together 

Combining TV and digital marketing is crucial to driving success with your marketing efforts. Here are some ways you can integrate both into your strategies. 

Include Digital Offers in TV Campaigns 

Incorporating digital tie-ins into your commercials connects the two mediums, such as if your commercials direct traffic to your website or social media pages. Doing so can improve broadcast effectiveness by providing a clear path for interested customers to follow. It also informs not-ready-to-buy customers about your online presence, which could lead them to visit you later or click onto your page after stumbling onto it. Once customers are ready to make a purchase, they'll be more likely to visit your website over competitors'. 

Make Branding Uniform Across Channels 

Your broadcast commercials and website should have a uniform look because it reassures customers that they're on your site and improves credibility. Additionally, the consistency of your branding will shape audiences' perceptions of you. Treating customers the same across all channels will nurture leads to the bottom of your sales funnel. With a uniform brand experience behind your marketing, you'll develop a clear brand identity and reputation that keeps people moving along the buyer's journey. As more people become familiar with you and trust your offerings, they'll turn to you to help resolve their pain points. 

Partner with an Industry Expert 

Industry experts understand both digital marketing and TV, along with how they work together. They can also track metrics and determine where you're most likely to find your audience, which helps drive far better results from your campaigns with sufficient guidance backing them.  

Many business owners may get started with marketing on their own, but this can be costly as inexperienced marketers typically learn through trial and error. That is particularly the case when trying to combine multiple platforms, like TV and digital, together into integrated campaigns. Partnering with an industry expert who knows how to properly implement these and other strategies avoids the hassle and cost of learning yourself. In the end, this could help save your time, energy, and money.

Strive for Gradual Increases 

When just starting out, it's easier to incrementally increase your efforts than to put in everything from the start. By spending more gradually and observing successes as you progress, you'll be able to identify weak areas of your campaigns and make the appropriate changes. In turn, you'll effectively optimize your campaigns without seeing significant losses. 

Working toward gradual increases will ultimately make you more strategic with your ad spend and make any necessary changes to drive success. Digital targeting and marketing are especially helpful in this regard, as they can be highly flexible to adjust based on new insights. Unlike TV commercials, you can instantly pull and make changes to digital ads and content, leading to faster results that waste less ad spend. 

Combining TV and Digital Marketing Offers the Best of Both Worlds 

On their own, digital marketing and TV offer plenty of opportunities to grow your brand and boost sales. When using both in a multi-platform marketing campaign, you can benefit from the advantages of both. Through the combination of TV commercials and digital marketing efforts, businesses can maximize their reach. They can also gain trust among audiences as people come to recognize them on multiple mediums. Over time, businesses can optimize their campaigns and get the kind of results and ROI they want based on their specific goals.

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