Keeping Your Business Safe: How to Change Your Creative Accordingly

Gray Atlanta About The Author

May 28, 2020 at 8:55 AM

keeping your business safe: how to change your creative accordingly

As businesses have begun to reopen in Georgia and more prepare to do so, it’s important that you take precautions to ensure the safety of your employees and patrons. State and local municipalities are asking businesses to follow new, CDC recommended guidelines which are new to everyone. When preparing for the transition and the implementation of these rules and regulations, it’s imperative that you include the safety precautions your business is taking in your marketing.  By making small, intentional changes to your marketing creative, customers will be properly prepared for your reopening. 

Construct a 'Welcome Back' Campaign

Once you have a plan for the reopening of your business, create a ‘welcome back’ campaign. It should thank your customers for their continued support and get them excited to visit your business again. Create a new TV commercial, incorporate social media ads, and send out email newsletters to your customers that include your campaign materials.

Make your welcome back message positive and uplifting. For example, Goodyear has launched a "Welcome Back to Racing" campaign to drive excitement around the return of auto racing. Fans are encouraged to share what they're most excited about as the season resumes. The commercial embodies an uplifting message, while the associated social media campaign helps invite customers to re engage with their favorite sport. 

Inform Your Audience of New Operations

It might not be business as usual as you reopen. For the foreseeable future, your hours of operation may be different, the number of customers allowed in your store might be limited, customers may be required to wear face masks and you may be compelled to put other measures in place that you were not required to implement in the past  In order to prepare your customers for their return, they need to know what health and safety precautions to expect. Update your ads to highlight the precautions your business is taking during the pandemic. 

For example, Starbucks’ latest ad let’s their customers know to use their mobile app to find the nearest store and order in advance while the cafes are still closed. While you can include this information in your TV commercial, you should also send this information out directly to your customers through an email newsletter that outlines the regulations of your reopening. This will allow them to access this information easier when they need it.

Tell Them The Next Steps

As you inform your customers of the precautions you’re taking for their safety, let them know the next steps and when they can expect to visit your business again. Provide your customers with information on how they can support you in the meantime: following you on social media, watching out for your commercials, or signing up for your email list. Consider giving them an offer to redeem once your business reopens. This will get them excited for your reopening while enticing them to visit your establishment. 

By tailoring your marketing creative to include the precautions you’re taking, you can help reassure your customers that you have their safety in mind. Utilize your media partner’s resources and platforms to help adapt your marketing strategy to include a safety-first approach. As consumers in Georgia are venturing out to their local businesses, they are also seeking information about what to expect. Change your creative accordingly and prepare your customers for a safe reopening.