Tips on Finding Your Target Audience

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December 9, 2021 at 12:15 PM

Tips on Finding Your Target Audience

You need to know your target audience to get the most out of your marketing. It will help you spend your marketing dollars more efficiently and develop content that truly resonates. While cost savings themselves are a compelling reason, finding your target audience enables you to learn how to shape your business's future. Learning who enjoys your products teaches you what advertising to create, and it offers insight into developing new product lines that will distinctly attract this group. Understanding your audience helps you create a positive feedback loop with your core customer group, helping your business grow and expand. 

Here we've developed a guide to help you find out how to find your target market. 

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Understanding Target Audiences 

You won't give your campaigns a clear direction without knowing what your target market wants. Understanding the people, you're marketing to will drive better results than creating a generic campaign without a specific target. It gives you a mark to strive for, and that helps keep your campaigns focused by acting as a reminder of who you want to reach.  

Your target audience consists of those most likely interested in your products or services. You can define your target audience based on demographics, personality types, location, and spending power, among other factors. It's possible to further define these audiences based on their willingness to buy, their unique interests, and their adherence to cultural trends. With that information, you can craft TV commercials that speak to their lifestyles and humor and create compelling digital targeting to gear your campaigns for long-term success as you establish a connection with your ideal audience. 

Analyze Data on Existing Customers 

The first step in defining your target audience is learning about the people who have already bought from you. If you've already set up online ads, you can use analytics data to gain some insights. Otherwise, you can create a base website and interview or survey customers as you develop your campaigns. Even if you already have some analytics, interviewing customers is a recommended tool. 

As you learn more about your current and past customers, you'll gain insight into age and spending power, and surveys and interviews will tell you about their interests. For business owners and employees who have customer-facing roles, you can interview these employees or ask them about themselves during regular customer interactions. Customer-facing business owners and employees will naturally gain significant insight into who your customers are, and speaking to them will also help you learn about your target audience.  

Develop Your Buyer Personas  

Once you identify and better understand your audience and their wants and needs, you can build buyer personas. A buyer persona is a fictional representation of a specific segment of your audience, giving you a better sense of the different people within your target market. For instance, you might have a buyer persona around busy professionals and another for new parents.   

By developing and using specific buyer personas, you can generate content that's more likely to appeal to the people you're trying to reach. As you build out your personas, specify specific characteristics, media consumption, and what they rely on as trusted resources. Additionally, define the limits of your personas and list which groups are most unlikely to become customers. The more you narrow down your audience and personas, the more this will benefit you in the long run. 

Check Your Online Engagement  

Engaging your customers online will help you promote your brand and ask customers about their individual preferences, which can further guide your marketing efforts. Using social media and other platforms, experiment with messaging to try to increase followers and overall engagement. For example, you can post a quiz on your Facebook page to learn about customers and generate more leads. Based on people's responses, you can adjust your content accordingly.  

As you develop your voice on social media, you can build your relationships with customers. Gaining a following with them, and checking to ensure you're reaching relevant customers, will forge deeper connections with your audience and help form your core group. 

Revise Your Personas Regularly  

To ensure your content remains consistently relevant, you must continuously revisit your personas. Your audience will change over time, and you need to make updates to your personas as you learn more about your audience. You might learn that audiences are following new trends that influence their buying behavior, or you may discover a new customer segment.   

Regardless of the specific change, make sure you are aware of it and incorporate it into your marketing strategy. That will help make sure you remain competitive and produce content that truly appeals to your audiences.  

Understand Your Audience with the Help of a Media Partner  

Knowing your target customer will enable your business to experience ongoing success by aligning your marketing with the most interested people. While you likely somewhat know your audience and want to get started on targeting, you may benefit from some assistance. Many companies don't have the time, or the resources, needed to effectively pinpoint their audiences, identify their specific wants and needs, and build effective campaigns based on detailed buyer personas. Consider working with a media partner if you want some help to get the most from your marketing.  

With a media company behind your marketing campaigns, you can better determine your audience and develop content that speaks more directly to them. You'll have the chance to make sure your website, social media, ads, and other types of content use the right messaging and creative elements that connect with audiences of all kinds. In turn, you'll generate more brand awareness and sales as people come to know and trust your brand. 

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