Using Sports Marketing to Its Full Extent

Dennis Izzard

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September 3, 2021 at 9:51 AM

Using Sports Marketing to Its Full Extent 
If you want to maximize exposure and connect with audiences, sports marketing gives you access to a loyal following during times when they're most likely to view your ads. By marketing through the promotion of sports, people will associate your brand with their favorite pastimes as they come to recognize and trust you. As a result, you can attract customers that become as loyal to your brand as they are to their favorite teams and players. 

Want to learn more about how to use a sports marketing strategy to increase audience engagement and sales? The following are some ways you can experience the benefits of sports marketing. 

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Make Content for Your Specific Audience  

Sports marketing campaigns will be most successful when you create content for your specific audience. It entails going beyond geographic locations to target audiences based on their particular interests, age, lifestyle, income, occupation, and other factors. Making content for these audiences taps into the channels they use, such as social media platforms and websites. In turn, it can create a connection outside of game day or venue promotions.  

For example, you can launch a game-day promotion that includes a discount based on the results of a game. Then use this promotion to encourage people to visit your Facebook or Twitter page for more information about the promotion and additional content. It will attract the people who are most likely to keep following you long after the promotion has ended.  

In identifying your target audience, look at what the competition is doing and see if and how they promote their offerings to audiences around game day. Conducting customer surveys gives better insight into who they are and what they want. Learning more about your audiences paints a clearer picture of your target audience and develops buyer personas that serve as hypothetical customers. Based on these personas, you can then market more specifically to different audience segments, whether it’s during or outside of game day. 

Focus on the Timing of Your Promotions 

Effective sports marketing relies heavily on tapping into the momentum of game day. To do so, make timely posts on social media channels to reach audiences during that specific period. Also, running ads on the air surrounding televised games can allow you to reach that captive, dedicated audience. In addition, write blog posts that discuss specific topics around game day and share those on various platforms. The more content you create covering the event, the more you'll build hype around your brand along with the game. 

If you can time your promotions just right, it will maximize viewership and bring significant brand attention. Subsequently, you'll be able to keep up that momentum as your business grows beyond game day. Over time, you'll get a better sense of the best time to start promoting during the sports season. At some point, even after game day passes, sports fans will be more likely to recall your brand. 

Partner Your Brand with Local Sports 

It helps to use promotions themed around sports teams to attract even more attention to your company. Showing support for local teams through promotions in their favor can establish you as a staple in your community. In the process, you'll earn a loyal following of dedicated fans that associate you with these teams. People may even come to think of you whenever they think of their favorite teams, and that level of awareness increases the chances they’ll purchase your products and services. 

In partnering with local teams, brands can sponsor contests or offer coupons to customers if a particular team wins. They can also post mobile or social media ads that specify the best time to order food or purchase other products or services to prepare for game day. Aligning yourself with sports teams and their fans will help differentiate you and gain more exposure than less involved competitors. Promoting frequently for major games during different sports seasons, lets you make the most of these periods to keep your brand in different sports fans' minds. 

Establish a Strong Connection with Audiences Through Sports Marketing  

To make sure your brand resonates with target audiences and stands apart from a sea of competitors in your industry, sports marketing can be the key. With an effective sports marketing strategy, you'll be able to appeal to many audiences, including those in your local community. Whether you promote your brand around local, national, or even international sporting events, you can use them to keep your business in the spotlight. Over time, your brand can become synonymous with people's favorite teams while significantly increasing brand awareness and sales. 

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