Blitz Blog: Why TV Advertising's ROI Reigns Supreme

Patti Garren

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April 11, 2022 at 12:02 PM

Blitz Blog Why TV Advertisings ROI Reigns Supreme

TV advertising is one of the most successful advertising platforms, bringing an average return on 300% and 500%. It can create massive growth for any business owner if they use it properly. No other medium allows you to reach many people with quality information like TV.  While businesses benefit from digital marketing, relying on it alone fails to capture and convert the broad population group who primarily watch TV or even watch it casually. However, a lot of effort is required to maximize the ROI figure. It's crucial to understand your audience and know what programs they're likely to watch. 

So, what makes TV advertising stand out?  

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Why TV Advertising ROI Reigns Supreme 

Several reasons make TV advertising the ultimate king of ROI, and they include: 

TV Reaches a Large Audience 

Televisions are ubiquitous. There are 121 million households that have TVs in the United States. Furthermore, TVs are commonplace in many business establishments, such as waiting rooms or restaurants. Almost everyone encounters a TV daily. With a widespread medium, advertising on it gives you access to a massive audience to present your services.  

Easy to Capture Attention 

TV is a captivating medium, combining video and audio to present a lot of information to the viewer. It easily captures your audiences' attention and entices people to act. A compelling ad makes people stop what they are doing and pay attention. There are many distractions today, and capturing a client's attention has become a science on its own. 

You can use science to your advantage since studies reveal that people tend to be attracted to images compared to words. You don't only want to capture their attention but also spark interest in them, especially within the first few seconds. Ensure your ad informs people about your company, whether it's about your culture, values, or the quality of your products. 

Easily Adjust for Better Viewership  

While it takes significant effort to create a commercial, you can easily adjust the factors surrounding it, such as when and how often people view it. Analyze your data and performance reports to see how your TV ad performs. That will help you determine whether your ad is successful, as well as other information about its metrics. You can also get further insight into audience behavior to understand the best time to air your ads. Adjusting may take time, but it will improve your results in the long term.   


TV is a tried and true medium that continues to be effective as advertisers increase their targeting capabilities. More data and consumer insight collected helps companies connect commercials to the most relevant groups. The more you present relevant ads to customers, the more likely they will be swayed and interested in your product or service. 

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