Understanding Lifestyle Marketing in 2 Minutes!

Kathy Comella

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March 14, 2022 at 11:15 AM

Understanding Lifestyle Marketing in 2 Minutes!

Are you struggling to reach your target audience to make meaningful connections? Lifestyle marketing allows you to connect with the right audience through product demonstrations, customer reviews, before and after's, supporting evidence, and many other excellent lifestyle marketing strategies. What's more, you have more time to emphasize essential points that attract and appeal to the right people, building a loyal following of consumers.  

Here's a quick, insightful overview of what you need to know.  

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What is Lifestyle Marketing?  

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 11.11.25 AMLifestyle marketing refers to the process of associating your product or services with specific values, ideals, aspirations, and more. The concept presents your brand's offer as an essential and meaningful part of the target consumer's life. 

Take, for instance, Nike. Nike has become a substantial part of its target audience's life. They achieved that by embracing equality and emphasizing the power of 'just doing it.' Now consumers dress from head to toe in Nike to support their stance.   

Your brand could also accomplish it by prioritizing environmentally friendly options, having a passion for stopping animal cruelty, or any other lifestyle trait relevant to you and your audience.   

How to Reach a Dedicated Audience with Lifestyle Marketing 

When you appeal to a consumer's lifestyle over temporary needs and wants, you expand your significance in their life. Lifestyles rarely change, whereas most other wants and needs are short-term.  

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 12.36.27 PMLifestyle marketing lets you demonstrate your products in a longer form than a commercial alone allows and puts a face to your company that consumers can trust. You also can use lifestyle shows to reach a dedicated group as they watch a favored show — they will be more likely to trust your products as trusted hosts present them.   

So, is your business right for lifestyle marketing? Absolutely.  

When it comes down to it, customers aren't opposed to connecting with your brand in a meaningful way. In fact, more than half (64%) of consumers say they want brands to connect with them. The key is to develop a solid lifestyle marketing strategy that teaches the right audience about your product/service, airs on a popular lifestyle show (like Atlanta Plugged In), and reaches Atlanta's most dedicated audience. 

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