Why You Should Buy Digital Marketing Assets From a TV Station

Michael Fanning

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July 10, 2020 at 9:00 AM


Many people don’t think about buying their digital assets from a television station. In reality, however, turning to a TV station for digital marketing assets can have a number of important advantages for businesses. Working with a television station often brings with it increased educational resources for the business, a broader scope, and the ability to combine digital and television marketing campaigns for a more successful return on your investment. 

TV Stations Have Educational Resources

Many television stations have access to decades of qualitative and quantitative market research, and the experience needed to help their clients interpret it. They work with Nielsen, Scarborough, comScore, Kantar, and other researchers to compile data that can aid them as they create television marketing campaigns and assets.

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Many of the same metrics that help inform marketers about television viewer behavior  can also help inform their digital buys and planning. Businesses that work with television stations can acquire access to important information like audience composition, target audience  buying habits, and what digital platforms viewers use most often. 

TV Has a Broader Scope

TV has an incredibly broad scope. It reaches a wide range of viewers within a specific geographic area, which increases the likelihood that businesses will reach consumers who have an interest in the products and services they have to offer. TV is designed with that broad scope in mind, and those who work in television can use that expertise with digital marketing as well. Commercials are naturally centered around a specific geographic region, and you can tailor your ads to those consumers that are most likely to be watching at a specific time. This information and approach can also be used when buying digital marketing assets, making the experience more seamless and convenient for the client.

In addition, working on digital assets with a television station can make it easier to explore digital marketing without risking the integrity of the broadcast campaign. By working closely with a media partner, businesses can easily and seamlessly try different digital activations that could benefit the brand without shifting gears and losing traction provided by the broadcast buy. Television stations can help provide the vital advice needed to make those decisions about advertising, including what digital platforms you should use and how they can integrate with your television ads to further your marketing success. 

TV and Digital is Leveraged Better Together

Eighty-eight percent of internet users will visit websites watching TV. Sixty-six percent of viewers will observe something on a television ad and then look it up on their phone. Existing user habits include viewing and surfing in tandem, make it a wise choice to work with television experts to help place your digital buys. Not only that, but television also helps provide a sense of validity to digital ads: customers who see ads on television will have increased trust when they see the same brand advertising in a familiar digital space. Businesses that want to make the most of their marketing efforts will discover that they achieve better results when they integrate their marketing campaigns and leverage them together.

Using a TV station to aid with digital advertising means access to a team of in-house creative professionals highly adept at producing video content. Businesses who partner with a TV station can create their online and social ads alongside broadcast commercials to provide viewers consistent brand messaging; from visual content to creative style, your company's customer-facing image will be on one accord. 

Having one company handle everything, rather than working with multiple teams, has a number of critical benefits. Not only does it keep the creative the same, it means less time spent to accomplish the same marketing goals. It also means that the marketing team will not have to consult with a separate team at another company: instead, the same in-house provider will handle all those creative integrations. This means simplicity in the design process as well as ensuring more effective communication. Utilizing the same provider for television and digital will also make it easier to repurpose creative, which means you can use the same footage or creative concepts for your social and digital materials that you use for your television ads.

Bringing your digital and television marketing under one roof can also help where it counts most; your budget! When doing an impression-based buy across broadcast and digital, it often drives down the CPM considerably giving you more bang for your buck. You will find that your marketing budget will be made more efficient when you integrate digital and television marketing together. 

Buying digital assets from a television station offers a number of critical benefits and is a highly effective choice for many businesses. Having your digital and TV advertising handled under one roof allows you to effortlessly stay informed about your customers wants and needs while streamlining the experience of promoting ads across platforms. From convenience to a better understanding of how your advertising is performing in tandem, the many advantages to buying digital marketing assets from a TV station that can make life as a business owner a little bit easier. 

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