Getting the Most Out of TV Advertising

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April 15, 2022 at 1:30 PM

Getting the Most Out of TV Advertising

Small business owners are always looking for new ways to increase brand awareness, build trust, and get a better return on investment with their marketing dollars. TV advertising is a powerful way to get your message across, especially when paired with other forms of advertising. Linear TV accounts for approximately 60% of total video consumption in American households, for an average of 4.5 hours per person per day. If your company decides not to use TV advertising, you could be missing out on a large sector of your target population.  

Learn more about advertising on TV and TV advertising best practices below!  

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Invest in Quality Commercials 

We've all seen poorly constructed commercials that contain unfunny jokes or otherwise make us cringe with their cheapness and unintelligible messaging. Companies that see the greatest return on investment from TV advertising are those that invest in creating quality commercials. Quality commercials effectively capture attention, create interest, and provide a clear message about who your company is and what you can provide.  

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The best commercials convey plenty of information in a short amount of time, and the most effective commercials run during time slots that best align with your target audience. Making and releasing an outstanding commercial that gives you an excellent return on investment is undoubtedly tricky. A media partner can help you produce and air a commercial using their skills and experience.  

Commercials are the face of your business, and they serve as the first impression of your company for many people. They can foster a significant spike in sales when they are effective, but they can do the opposite if your audience does not enjoy your commercials.  

Pair Your TV Ads with Digital 

Even when people sit down in front of their TV to watch their favorite shows, the chances are high that they are distracted by other things. They might look at their smartphones, talk to their family members, or eat dinner while watching the TV, which can make it hard for them to absorb the information your commercial presents. Fortunately, pairing TV ads with digital ads can help grab customers' attention while they browse their phones after viewing your commercial.  

If a potential customer hears your company name on the TV commercial while not directly watching, seeing a social media ad while scrolling a few minutes later will feel more familiar to them. This combination is especially effective when you design TV ads and digital marketing campaigns to be cohesive. Perhaps they use the same color scheme and fonts and provide the same overall message.   

It helps customers associate your ads, no matter what form they come in, with your business, which can help you build a sense of familiarity and trust with potential customers over time.  

Track Your Results  

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 11.11.21 AMYou can throw thousands of dollars at TV ads, but how do you know if you have made a good investment if you don't measure the results? One important metric is impressions, or the number of times a person has seen your ad, but that also doesn't tell the whole story. If thousands of people see your commercial but they don't visit your website, follow your brand on social media, or make a purchase, it's hard to say your ads have been effective.  

One way to tell that your TV commercials have generated interest among prospective customers is by looking at whether the online search volumes about your company have increased. If so, your commercials are at least prompting people to learn more about your brand. If not, it might be time to try something else with your TV ads.  

In the end, the very best metric to determine the effectiveness of your commercial is sales. If they increase significantly shortly after your commercials air, that's a sign that your commercials are performing well and providing a great return on investment.  

Connect with a Media Partner for Faster, More Sizable Results Today 

Creating a truly effective commercial is both an art and a science, and it seems far out of reach to many small business owners. While it's important to understand the basics of TV and digital marketing and how to pair them together, small business owners don't have to understand all of their complexities.  

By partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable media partner, you can get faster and better results without having to spend nearly as much time on it, which can substantially drive sales and help you expand your business. If the idea of tackling multiple kinds of advertising yourself leaves you feeling overwhelmed, get a media partner on board today!  

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